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Mindset Matters  

These group sessions draw intuitively upon elements of Guided Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Soul Work, Attention Training, Discomfort as a Spiritual Practice, Active Listening and Emotional Freedom. You can expect moments of laughter, relief, discomfort, freedom, fear, love, insight, resistance & joy. You will leave with a glimpse of what it feels like to live truthfully and the possibility of a new way of engaging with life. These workshops take place at select spaces in and around London. Please contact me for upcoming workshops.

Performance Coaching

These sessions are suitable for anyone who is unable to share their best self when working in front of others. Perhaps in meetings, on stage, while teaching or in social situations. Clients include corporate Brand Ambassadors, Yoga Teachers, Presenters, Actors, Models and anyone wishing to experience flow within their work, free from performance anxiety. If you would like more information on how my coaching can help you or your company please get in touch. 

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