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6 Month Group Coaching Programme

For Ambitious Female Creatives Ready to

Reclaim their Purpose & their Power 

Integrative Hypnotherapy / Coaching Programme

This deeply healing and transformative process is powerful, effective and fast. I will share with you the tools to transcend all that is holding you back, so you can fully step out with CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and PURPOSE.  We're simply not taught how to be happy... but beautiful soul it is your birthright.


What's Included?


Online Course

The Transformation Course - 8 progressive modules, released fortnightly, where you will learn all the tools for Personal Transformation, Growth & Manifestation in your private online learning portal. Study at your own pace, in your own time. Access to the course content for 6 months.


Group Coaching 

Powerful & effective coaching focused on awareness, healing & overcoming internal & external obstacles. These intimate group sessions take place over Zoom (twice per month) and allow you to receive personal feedback, guidance and support in a safe & loving container.



Membership to high frequency private facebook community  for inspiration, sharing, up-levels, accountability and support. No more struggling alone or second guessing yourself, when you are surrounded by inspiring women who believe YOU CAN! Daily feedback & access to me at your fingertips.

This life-changing programme is for you if you are sick of experiencing any or all of the following:

People pleasing


Panic Attacks

Anxiety & overwhem

Burn out & exhaustion

Playing small and staying safe

Feeling sorry for yourself

Need to control everything

Being a victim of life

Recovering from broken relationships

Financial strain & scarcity mindset

Endless studying that doesn't result in deeper changes

Lacking in energy & enthusiasm

Stressful life circumstances

Easily triggered by other people

Self-sabotaging behaviours

Feeling like you don't have a voice

Lacking direction / career confusion

Emotional sensitivity & ungrounded

Low confidence & a lack of self-worth

Living in survival mode - fight or flight

Self critical/ Judgemental

Poor stress management

Fear & anxiety ruling your life

Perfectionism - feeling like you're never good enough

Feeling like you're missing out on joy Stuck in your head in a cycle of worry

Physical manifestations - getting sick

Holding on to Trauma

Guilt, shame & self punishment

Happy Friends



...6 Months to Change Your Life!

This long form coaching programme is designed to meet you where you are at.

To Hold You. Nurture You. Equip You. Empower You.


To give you the tools to leave the past behind and move forward with absolute grace.​​


When you are held, CONSISTENTLY, in a space of unconditional love and support… where you get REAL feedback and PROVEN tools... you feel safe to grow.


From power-less to power-FULL

From self-doubting to self-LOVING! 

We raise our standards for our relationships.​

Healthy boundaries become a part of our life.​

Our emotions no longer overwhelm us.

No more over-thinking and under-living.​​

Are you ready to meet the woman you were born to be?

On the other side of our fears is complete freedom.



The programme consists of access to the

full life-changing Hypno-Coaching programme

for 6 MONTHS for just £1997.

Monthly instalment plan available.

Partial Scholarships are available for those on limited/low incomes. Please request a scholarship application form.



  • An unwavering desire to start living up to your potential

  • 100% commitment to taking full responsibility for your life

  • 1:1 Consultation Call Required before signing up.

BONUS In Person Deep Healing & Coaching Sessions in London/Surrey. Access to Exclusive Events & Community Meet Ups. Real Life Connection & Healing Sessions for those with access to London.

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