Happy Managers


6 Month Coaching Programme

For Ambitious Women Ready to Transform Their Life 

This deeply healing and transformative process is powerful, effective and fast. 

I will share with you the tools to transcend all that is holding you back, so you can fully step out with


We're simply not taught 'HOW to BE HAPPY'... But BEAUTIFUL SOUL.... it is your BIRTHRIGHT!

This life-changing programme is for you if you are sick of experiencing any or all of the following:

People pleasing


Panic Attacks

Anxiety & overwhem

Burn out & exhaustion

Playing small and staying safe

Feeling sorry for yourself

Need to control everything

Being a victim of life

Recovering from broken relationships

Financial strain & scarcity mindset

Endless studying that doesn't result in deeper changes

Lacking in energy & enthusiasm

Stressful life circumstances

Easily triggered by other people

Self-sabotaging behaviours

Feeling like you don't have a voice

Lacking direction / career confusion

Emotional sensitivity & ungrounded

Low confidence & a lack of self-worth

Living in survival mode - fight or flight

Self critical/ Judgemental

Poor stress management

Fear & anxiety ruling your life

Perfectionism - feeling like you're never good enough

Feeling like you're missing out on joy Stuck in your head in a cycle of worry

Physical manifestations - getting sick

Holding on to Trauma

Guilt, shame & self punishment

Happy Women

...6 Months to Change Your Life!

What's included?

  • 12 X Online Group Coaching Sessions (2 Per Month) Powerful & Effective Coaching Focused on Overcoming Your Obstacles!

  • BONUS Private Online Learning Portal; 8 Week Course where you will learn all the tools for Personal Transformation, Growth & Manifestation

  • BONUS Membership to High Frequency Private Facebook Community  for inspiration, sharing, up-levels, accountability and support 

  • BONUS 2 x In Person Deep Healing Day Retreats 

What will I learn?

  • Learn how to take control of your inner world and say goodbye to emotional overwhelm

  • Switch off fight or flight mode so you can reset your nervous system and support your immune system to heal from the inside out

  • Learn how to reclaim your power, so that YOU are the creator of your reality

  • Gain clarity and re-align with your higher wisdom so you can make those BIG decisions with ease, including career, relationships and purpose!

  • I utilise powerful goal getting High Performance Coaching Strategies & Inner Child Healing so you can finally let the past go and move on INSPIRED!

  • Uncover the secret Source of Self-love & Confidence: From rock bottom to sky fucking high.

  • Learn how to receive what is rightfully yours; Financial, Sexual and Energetic Abundance!

  • Make deep energetic shifts so you can liberate your true self once and for all; from living in Fear to complete Freedom

  • Re-connect with your innate feminine sexual energy - integrate ALL of you for total alignment

  • Learn how to gain clarity, reclaim your power, process your emotions, deeply heal from childhood wounds, rise above conditioning, re-wire your mind for positivity, raise your energetic frequency and manifest miracles, including love, money, career, body, abundance!

  • Tap into TRUE happiness once and for all!

  • Take feedback & rejection like a Warrior and always come out winning!

  • Experience Emotional Freedom, find your Authentic Voice and give yourself permission to use it!

  • Unlock the Power of Manifestation; how you can turn your dreams into reality

  • Utilising Hypnosis to support you through the process of deep and lasting change



The programme consists of access to the full life-changing content above for 6 MONTHS 

Value £4997 

Investment £2997  

Instalment plan available for those affected by Covid19.


  • An unwavering desire to start living up to your true potential

  • 100% commitment to finally taking full responsibility for your life

  • This is not for you if you don't want to make changes & set yourself free!

  • This is not for you if you DO NOT WANT to be happy.

  • FREE in depth discovery session providing the framework for change is required before signing up. Book yours below.