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A female founded collective pioneering dramatic art with impact. Primal, innovative & liberating storytelling, elevating the female narrative.

Currently in development are two unique plays featuring Jemma Amos and Valerie Baart.

The devising space is one of absolute safety - as we allow our untold stories to begin beating. And that means each woman is bringing her unique skill set, dedication and nuances to the project. The light & the dark. For this is where the alchemy happens.

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is a writer, documentary producer, filmmaker and a lover of stories.

“I’ve always been in awe of the magic in the domino effect of sharing a story vulnerably. It’s through sharing our stories that we permit the next person to do the same, creating a ripple effect of truth strong enough to clear out any fears. I think the most beautiful thing we can do for each other is offer one another permission slips of truth. I’m particularly interested in telling stories through the female lens and the intergenerational tales that live in our bones. I am passionate about what goes unsaid, the voices that have gone unheard and the moments that have gone untold. “

What she doesn’t mention is her unwavering commitment to truth telling alongside her personal evolution. Jemma joins us at an exciting time in her career, where she’s wearing lots of hats. But one hat she is ready to fully lean into is that of an Actor, taking up space on stage to share her voice for the first time, in real time.



is a courageous and dedicated actor…

She moved to London from Belgium, when she was just 21 to pursue her passion for storytelling, theatre & film. )

“I wouldn’t be the same person without having had that experience. It allowed me to grow as a person and an artist. I have a big heart, feel deeply and have a fire inside me that burns bright for people and things I care about. I’m a big child at heart. As an actor/ creator, bringing stories to life that resonates with an audience and moves and inspires them is my purpose in life. It excites me, it gives me energy, it makes me want to spread more creativity and empathy. I feel we have the responsibility to use our creativity, imagination and intuition to bring authentic life to the stage. I want to make a piece of theatre you remember after 5 years because it touched you in some way.”

Valerie is also a talented dancer - and we’re looking forward to bringing her talents to the forefront in this years R&D project

352Ashlie Walker4550.jpg


Writer, Mentor, Coach, Director - and founder of The Lucid Artists, Ashlie began working in the arts at the age of 9 and after 20 years of performing herself she made the move to training & mentoring actors. She has since mentored thousands of actors all over the world. 


The Lucid Artists was born from the desire to elevate female narratives and give actors the supportive space to move from actor - to creator. To nurture talent into full fruition. “We begin with instinct, curiosity, subconscious drives and conscious offerings….It could be exquisite or nasty, loaded with meaning or superfluous with frivolity. And we’re here for all of it. Our CREATIVITY is our gold.”

Working together in a small cohort of three actors and one director, the first round of Research & Development took place in 2023, resulting in 3 distinct but interlinked One Woman Plays. Featuring actors Lauren Cooney, Fernanda Lippi & Emma Saunders - co-created & directed by Ashlie Walker. Each piece, a psychological drama exploring hard-hitting topics, embroiled with our lived experiences and held in an imaginary container.

LAUREN - Landslide

 When career driven Lauren finally decides she is ready to become a mum, she supports her partner as the carrier of their child, until events take a tragic turn and her partner loses her life in childbirth. A reluctant mother, she is now faced with raising a child alone while grieving the love of her life. Her attempts to find meaning in the void of despair, lead her to a plant medicine ceremony where she is forced to confront what she is running from.

FERNANDA - Carpets & Corridors

 Brazilian born seamstress and designer is working for her Choreographer/Director husband in their biggest show yet. A story full of dark mystery, secrets and shadows, will this talented woman settle for life backstage in support of the man she loves most. Exploring themes of domestic violence, obsessive compulsive disorder and the imposter syndrome that follows those living as a 'foreigner' in another country.


A talented singer/songwriter Emma struggles to find her voice after years of abuse and torment at the hands of those who are meant to love her the most.  This hard hitting psycho-drama asks the tough questions and explores mental illness, narcicisim and the disturbing practices that go on behind the closed doors of a psychiatric unit. 

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