You have been manifesting your whole life, however most of the time you have been manifesting from a place of fear.

Learning to manifest from love is incredibly powerful - supernatural in fact!  If you're not engaging in all of these powerful manifestation practices you are seriously limiting your potential. 


Here you will learn several powerful tools for manifesting from a place of Love. Spend time with each element of this lesson. Give your future the attention it deserves by showing up wholeheartedly. This is such an incredible part of your journey, as perhaps for the first time in your life your conscious and sub-conscious programmes are in alignment. Your intention to receive is EVERYTHING!

The secret to re-programming is to be in a state where your body is listening. It is taking in the message - I am safe, capable, enough, powerful, loving, free and worthy! These messages can't get in while you're in your head in a state of fear. So feel into your body, turn yourself on and open to receiving - then BOOM!

When you are in alignment you are manifesting from LOVE.

The self-hypnosis script, which you record and listen every night as you go to sleep, is a powerful way of feeding the sub-conscious. When we are in a state of relaxation, embodiment, meditation and pleasure, the subconscious is listening. As we drift off to sleep we are in a deeply suggestible state. Give yourself over to receiving this beautiful gift for the heart, mind, body and soul.

Manifesting Meditation


The secret to powerful Manifestation is:

Believe it is yours BEFORE you see it.

Feel it's presence BEFORE you experience it.

Seek signs of it BEFORE it arrives.

Express gratitude BEFORE you receive it. 

This High Frequency Meditation will guide you to feel the full effects of your dreams as achievable goals.

Give it the attention it deserves. Set your intention to be ALL IN!

Meditating in Nature

connecting with source

When we are running on fear, we are stressed and anxious, only focused on what might go wrong, all the attention is on our self, we have made it all about us and we are not aligned with a higher purpose, a higher good with love or with source. When running on fear, we will run out of steam. When we have the force of the universe behind us... we are infinitely powerful...

turning dreams into goals

You are now committing to living your truth in the fullest way possible. By writing down your dreams, they become specific goals. When we have GOALS and BELIEF and are COMMITTED TO TAKING ACTION towards them - they become a reality.


Write below in specific detail 3 long-term goals, in different areas of your life. They could be to do with career, relationships, craft, finances, home, personal, health, fitness etc.  

Your long term goals won’t happen overnight, there isn’t a magic pill; they require focus, self-belief and committed action. But with these, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. 

Then breakdown these long term goals into mid and short term goals so you can see the steps needed to get you there. Short term goals are absolutely within your reach!

mind movie 

This will blow your mind

Perhaps one of the most powerful tools I can share with you. This will change your life. 


When left to its own devices, the mind will wander to that which it has experienced and knows. Therefore, it is limited by experience. This is where the imagination becomes so important if we want to create a new future reality. Meditation can be helpful at re-directing the mind. So too can visuals. While vision boards are powerful, in movie form with music, your whole nervous system is lit up!


By offering up images to the mind to focus on, desired images that produce a feeling and induce a sense of excitement, hope and purpose, the mind gets to work on creating this new reality. We don’t need to be afraid of the mind. Once we know how to embody and pause its busy-ness, we can understand how it works and can redirect its attention, it becomes a powerful resource for manifestation. 


By creating a ‘Movie’ of how we want our life to be, we get to see, hear, feel, taste, sense and be in our new reality. The sooner you do this, the sooner we can start refining your vision and celebrating your WINS! We are creating a compelling future so you never have to look back again!


Step 1: Pick 2-3 songs that light you up, inspire you for the future and make your heart sing.


Step 2: Screen grab 30-50 pictures from the internet that inspire you. These can include health and fitness goals, body goals, diet goals, travel goals, work goals, finance goals, social goals, love goals, baby goals etc. Photos of where you want to travel, your dream home, the numbers you want to earn per month, inspiring quotes. 


Step 3: Personal Pictures - 10-15 of these. These can include photos of you at your happiest, fittest, surrounded by those you love. You can also include any reviews, testimonials etc that light you up and remind you of how wonderful you are. 


Step 5: Download iMovie to your phone and Upload all of your inspiration including your favourite songs, to create a movie. It is simple to edit and you can keep it punchy with images lasting 1-3 seconds. Have a play with it. Enjoy the process. Get creative. This is your future you are creating so HAVE FUN!! 


Step 6: Share your movie with me via whatsapp/ messenger. Even better, share it on the FB page. The stronger we get the more we want to share. The more we share the stronger we get. So share with the group and inspire people to stop hiding.

Step 7: Watch your movie every morning, you can even use the songs as trigger songs while you workout, walk the dog, make your breakfast or travel to work! You now have a clear image of where you are going. Feel the joy in your bones as it lights up your soul and let the universe do its work!