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Hypno-Breathwork Immersion

Sunday 24th March 2024, 10:30-1:30pm

A powerful In Person 3 Hour Immersion into the world of 

Trance-formational Breathwork


You are invited to experience the profound power of Transformational Hypnosis & Breathwork combined in this one off immersion experience. 


This is a deeply healing and safe space led by two professional well-being practitioners; Ashlie Walker - Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Coach and Joely Franklin - Yoga Instructor & Somatic Breathwork Coach.


Together, they will guide you to powerfully release what is being stored in your body emotionally, unweave old thought patterns and experience the spaciousness needed to create the 2024 of your dreams. This is a transformational & integrated journey for the whole self, moving in a highly curated arc through all the layers of your being (mind, body and spirit) and includes;


- Intention Setting Ritual

- Conscious Connected Breathwork and Meditation 

- Transformational Hypnosis Journey

- Embodied Movement

- Reflection and Journalling Integration


Tend to Yourself with Love & Reverence

This in person ticketed event, is for those who want to liberate themselves from all the ‘shoulds’ and show up for their life grounded, open-hearted and firmly in their power. Say no to consumerism, release the need for speed, let go of the hustle and bustle and instead choose to live in alignment with the truth of your bones.


We will co-regulate, re-align and emerge with an enticing and inspiring vision for the future so you can say a wholehearted YES to authentic connections, presence, purpose and joy.


Tickets cost £45 and due to the intimate nature of this work and the studio, spaces are strictly limited. To reserve your space please book by making payment HERE. 



The Immersion


3 Hour Trance-Formational Breathwork Experience


Yoga Studio, Hammersmith, West London W6


Sunday 24th March, 10:30-1:30pm


For those Seeking Clarity, Guidance & Connection - with Self, Others and their Purpose.


To reserve your space make payment (£45) via this Paypal Link. 


Within 24hrs of payment you will receive a confirmation booking with all the information you need. Rest easy knowing you are consciously choosing to show up for yourself, by attending a lovingly curated reset experience for your nervous system.

Your Guides

You will be lovingly guided by two dedicated & skilled professionals, whose expertise complements and enhances the transformational experience.

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