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Friends at the Beach


For Women Ready to Take Radical Responsibility for their

Health and Happiness

We're simply not taught 'HOW to BE HAPPY'... But BEAUTIFUL SOUL.... it is your BIRTHRIGHT!

Here you will find the upcoming short courses that will initiate you into a state of


Each of these short courses has been curated to meet you where you are at work specifically on what you're coming up against.

These life-changing deep dive lessons will allow time for deep reflection in a safe and supportive space so you can overcome those obstacles.

*These are included for FREE is you are enrolled in the next Transformation Process Coaching Programme*

Digital detox

Time to break up from the most toxic relationship you've ever had

Sick of scrolling your life away? Does it feel like you have absolutely no time. No time to do a hobby, but when you check your screen time you are wasting hours of your life on Instagram and Facebook? Comparing your life to those on the web?

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Using Mobile Phone_edited_edited_edited.

Money minDset matters


For women  ready to take radical responsibility of their relationship with Money. 

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Image by Josh Appel

Sexual healing

Safe. Curious. Empowered.

Do you feel like you are disconnected? Do you have shame? Guilt? Using Alcohol to loosen yourself up? Do you feel unsafe when having sex? Jealous of those women who feel free to let go? Difficulty eith being vulnerabile? Do you judge and shame yourself as a Prude? Diffculty orgasming or expressing your needs, wants and desires?

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Close Up Portrait

Overcoming overwhelm for busy parents

Relinquishing The Mother Load

Finding that there is just no time to be you? Or you are snappy with the kids but you don’t mean it and you feel guilty? Scared that your children will feel the same way you do and you want to break the cycle?

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Mother and Son


Reclaiming Your Power Following Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships with parents or partners? Abusive ex partners? Fear? What is love? Insecure attachments? Fear of saying no? and fear of speaking up? People pleasing? Outgrowing your friends?

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Couple in love

conscious creatives expansion lab


Done some work, not getting results, block, read twenty self help books but not the right one? Self sabotage? Frustrated? Stagnant? Money blocking?

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Image by Darius Bashar

stuck in a 9-5 rut!

Make. Your. Move.

Feeling like your life is slipping away. do you have bigger dreams, passions desires but unafraid to follow them? Or perhaps you lack clarity around what you want. Bored. 

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Standing in Office



Make this yours. Click here to edit the text and include any relevant information.

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