Lesson 7:


Let's continue the deep shifts by making conscious decisions to nourish our minds, bodies, hearts and souls! Here I share various practices, habits and routines that will help keep you on track and support behavioural change.


Our ego will always offer up excuses for suffering - our job is to always find an excuse for HAPPINESS, FREEDOM, JOY and LOVE!



Fear is a necessary ingredient for us to have courage- if there Is no fear it Is not courage. So this lesson is about learning to lean into FEAR as an opportunity. As we up-level we will acclimatise to our new surroundings. By consistently raising our game with new goals we are building an upwards momentum. It is much easier to change direction once we have the momentum of movement behind us. So this is an invitation to stretch yourself into growing... reach for the stars and you might just catch the moon. This isn't about being perfect- it never is- it is about taking action that encourages our growth and learning. It's about being willing to fail greatly! By taking action we are intercepting the negative feedback loop at the behavioural level. This is a profound and fast way to support change and experience positive feedback from our efforts. We're not afraid to fail because we know the worst case scenario is that we LEARN!!



As we grow, we are not only aligning how we see, feel, think and behave, but also our relationships with others. The more love we give the more love we receive. Love can also be considered an energy exchange, of sharing TRUTH - which is by living IN THE LIGHT. If you notice yourself using excuses to hide such as 'I should be humble in my success, Nobody wants to hear it, It's not a real WIN, I'm a private person, I don't want everyone knowing my business, but what if I haven't really changed, I don't want to lose friends' - your frequency is one of fear and unworthiness. We challenge these by actively taking risks. The more comfortable we are with being seen, the freer we become. When we know we are worthy and connected, there is nothing to hide from. While our mind, body and soul is catching up with this new truth, we can help by doing the uncomfortable and taking violent action to be seen. Sharing with friends and family, including on social media can very quickly get you out of your comfort zone. We can share our breakthroughs, wins, discoveries and challenges- when we understand that there are other people who could benefit from you stepping into the light, we understand it is our responsibility to do what we can. The facebook page is designed as a supportive space and a practice ground for celebrating your wins and up-levels. Use it. Once per week share a video about your growth, insights and up-levels. every block is an opportunity for a breakthrough- so face it and share how you overcame it!


It is easy to be busy, working hard, we love to claim we’re JUST TOO BUSY! If you are too busy to take care of your own reality, then guess what, childhood programming will take care of it for you. So there is never a better time to make time for what matters. If you’re spending 80% of your time on stuff that only produces 20% of the desired outcome, then you’re working from the programme ‘I'm not good enough’. Streamlining your life, to focus 20% of your time on that which produces 80% of the fruits is a skill that can be mastered. From friendships, work projects, hobbies, time and financial investments. The 4 Hour Work Week, is an inspiring read if you want to focus on making the most of your time. Suitable for both employed and self-employed- who want to LIVE THEIR LIFE FULLY. If you don't have enough time, get to the bottom of it, because there are no prizes for self deprivation and being busy. Your relationship with time is a total reflection on your relationship with yourself. If you want to see how far you have come, take a complete day off to bask in pleasure and see how comfortable it is! If you're under time pressure, who is the one putting the pressure on? And why?



If you're running on a programme of 'I'm not good enough', you may need to remove sources that feed into this programme while you heal and get stronger. This means removing toxic energy, negativity and self-sabotage by comparing yourself to others. You can feed off other peoples wins, breakthroughs and successes as a reminder that if they can do it, you can. It is by seeing what is possible for others that we can create new networks in our mind for what is possible for US! However, if you are using other peoples wins as an excuse to fail, because they are 'better' than you, you have fallen into a negative feedback loop. TIME TO DISRUPT! There will always be someone seemingly 'better' than you. When you know you are worthy, you feel connected to their success and grow stronger. In fact surrounding yourself with those who are winning, will help train your nervous system to be primed for success, that is if you’re ready to let go of perfectionism and feeding the 'I’m not good enough’ monster. You are the sum total of the 5 people you spend the most time with, so it makes sense to raise your game by surrounding yourself with open, abundant, loving, honest and happy souls. The more you grow, the more love you can share with the world. So this isn’t a selfish act. It is the ultimate act of taking responsIbility. 




"If you feel safe in the area you’re working in, you’re not working in the right area. Always go a little further into the water than you feel you’re capable of being in. Go a little bit out of your depth. And when you don’t feel that your feet are quite touching the bottom, you’re just about in the right place to do something exciting". David Bowie

Once you understand that everything is connected it becomes easier to instigate change. We can show up in one area of our lives and experience positive feedback in another.This is why taking acting is such a powerful tool for transformation. It has far reaching effects. Ripples can be felt in the bedroom by changing how you speak up in the office. Your parenting can become peaceful when you challenge your beliefs about time!

Here is an opportunity to get creative about how you are taking action every day towards your goals and laying the foundations for the person you are becoming. Fill out the worksheet below and get used to stretching beyond your comfort zone. Remember what is violent action for one person wont be for another. As we expand what begins as a huge action, may end up to be a very normal part of your life. This is a reflection of your growth and should be celebrated! 



Dance/Sing - every day day. Getting into your body, tapping into your Divine Masculine energy is simply life-changing. It reconnects you, gets you out of your head, wakes you up and releases feel good endorphins. Make a playlist of songs that fire up your soul and indulge in this powerful mood changing habit. 

Cold Showers - Apart from the many physical benefits, its time to re-awaken your system, come into your body, reconnect with your life force and stimulate the nervous system. You are getting out of your comfort zone, which is where the magic happens! This reactivates areas of the brain that have been sleeping coupled with deep breathing and relaxation. (Also explore the Wim Hoff method for breathing).


Get outside - Fresh air & cold weather boost the immune system. Exercising in daylight is even better. Google Wim Hoff Method for why being in the elements has so many benefits, especially the cold!

Yoga - If you don't already have a yoga practice, start. Even just 30 minutes every other day to begin with. Practicing embodiment while doing yoga is even better! The stretching, the mindfulness, the curiosity, the growing, the releasing, the accepting... all laying a foundation for your mindset.

Phone limitations - Especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Forget the fact the blue lights interrupt with your sleep, in terms of creating he life of your dreams, every time you revisit images of who you were yesterday, you are living in the past. Break the cycle. Focus on being present and your the habits serving the person you are becoming.

Exercise - get out of your comfort zone and push through your self-imposed limitations in a very tangible way. How we approach one area of our life is how we approach them all. So firing yourself up physically when you want to quit will serve you in all areas of your life. Working beyond your mind made limitations will literally show you anything is possible.

Receive Pleasure - we need to move our system from blocking pleasure to receiving it. This can happen in all its forms, from smells and sounds, to gifts, touch, amazing food, beautiful sunsets, running, log fires, pets. Re-programme your nervous system to seek out pleasure and bathe in it. Once we can receive pleasure from the small things we can start to embrace bigger gifts, such as financial abundance and sexual ecstasy.

Gratitude - List 3 things you are grateful for every night in a gratitude journal. This simple act of seeking out reasons to be happy, retrains the mind to focus on the positive. Then get specific - Journal for 2 minutes each day about the details of one positive experience you have had - re-experiencing it doubles its positive impact. 

Act of kindness- you know instinctively what they are. Practice following this impulse at least once a day and opening up your heart. Compassion is the river of love - so let it flow freely.

Healthy Eating


10 pages a night of a good, self improvement book can have a miraculous compound effect. Perhaps you have read many books in your time, but revisiting them now, with new insight, understanding and connection with your divine can make all the difference. Sometimes it is hearing the same message in a different way, when we are finally ready to hear it or take it deeper into our bones. A book that pushes you, stretches you, challenges you to embrace your life. Knowledge is information, but when we commit to putting that knowledge to good use, it becomes powerful. We can easily not do this. However, by committing to just 10 pages a night, we are committing to learning, growing and overcoming our own habitual way of being. Fiction is also wonderful for pleasure, time outs and winding down.


Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now

Louise Hay - You can heal your life

Dr Joe Dispenza - You are the Placebo, Becoming Supernatural

Tony Robbins - Unlimited Power, Awaken the Giant Within

Rebecca Campbell - Light is the New Black

Tim Ferris - 4 Hour Work Week

Jeff Foster - The Slight Edge

Abraham Hicks - The Law of Attraction

Brene Brown - Daring Greatly, The gifts of Imperfection etc.

David Goggins - Can't Hurt Me