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"Ashlie is an incredible director. She has a natural way of being on it, cutting through the bullshit and helping you find a way out of your comfort zone whilst holding a space where you feel safe to be vulnerable.Ann Fianen, Actress 

A female founded collective pioneering dramatic art with impact. Primal, provocative & liberating storytelling, elevating the female narrative.

Currently in Research & Development; 3 One Woman Plays featuring actors Lauren Cooney, Fernanda Lippi & Emma Saunders, co-created & directed by Ashlie Walker.

You don't have to struggle alone...

I get it. Acting can be a lonely business. You're often preparing alone, trying to build contacts, figuring out your casting type and getting your head around how to market yourself. Working on your acting technique can come way down the list of priorities. Coupled with the stresses of making money and it's no wonder you're struggling. I provide the coaching to help you gain momentum with your craft, confidence and career. Coaching can take place in person, online, on set or via my Transformation Personal Coaching Programme - designed to help you overcome fear, anxiety and stress for good!

New To Acting?

Are you a new actor looking for guidance & coaching? Do you need help with your Drama school audition monologues? If you are starting out in your career and would like support in understanding and breaking into the industry, I can help you build a strategy from where you are at and where you want to be - so that you can take purposeful action toward your goals. We will also work on your mindset & confidence so you feel prepared when entering the competitive world of acting.

Stuck in a Rut Actor? 

Have you been working for some time but aren't getting the break you deserve? Are your nerves getting in the way of you doing your best? If you have an important casting coming up, want help with overcoming your blocks, taking the next step or are looking for honest feedback and support in a safe space, get in touch to book a session. Incorporating my extensive experience as an acting coach with gentle enquiry and skills training to support change and progress on a deeper level. We will look deeply at what is getting in the way -  and get rid of the bullshit.


Professional Working Actor?

Are you ready to go deeper with your craft, find new tools and continue to develop your skills so you are on top of your game and ready to work? Are you wanting to prepare for an upcoming role or new Agent opportunity? I can help you deepen your technique and explore any weak spots so you feel confident in your ability and are ready to be seen.

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