Ashlie Walker

Personal Transformation Coach 

BSc Psych Hons. Dip Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

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Powerful Personalised Coaching Programme to Change Your Life - MORE

I help determined women, creatives and heart-led entrepreneurs ready to breakthrough their own limitations... 

If you are experiencing fear, feeling stuck in an emotional, career, relationship or psychological rut, afraid of speaking up, feeling overwhelmed with life, stressed or burnt out - and you KNOW YOU HAVE MORE TO OFFER...  

I can teach you the tools to help you move forward with ease. To wake up HAPPY, FULFILLED, CONFIDENT & EMPOWERED!

As a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist & Personal Coach working in London & Internationally, I draw upon High Performance Coaching Strategies to help you live a life of FREEDOM, CREATIVITY, JOY & PURPOSE! 


"The week after my first session has been absolutely profound. I had no idea HOW POWERFUL this session would be and the waves it would cause. IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Old feelings I have never processed are making their way out of my system. I am in a lot of pain, but it’s old, unprocessed pain, and I’ve finally stopped detaching / running from it, so that healing can now happen. At the same time I can feel and see clearly that a major positive life change has been kickstarted. I feel very empowered. I feel like I am coming back into my body, into the present moment. Like I am waking up. I feel a strong connection to the very core of me - like I haven’t since childhood." L.G

"I began working with Ashlie as I had had enough of the same bullshit; the same anxiety, depression, exhaustion, patterns of behaviour and low self esteem that were getting in the way of me living my truth and my dream. Whilst I had this persona of someone who believed in themselves and outwardly was very confident, deep down I was massively insecure and constantly living in fear or being exposed as a complete imposter in my life and career. Within the first 15 minutes of my first session I had a big breakthrough! Over 8 brilliant sessions I was able to banish the old beliefs that were running my life and getting in the way of me living my dreams. I fell in love, I got the job I wanted and most crucially I began to love myself in all my glory and all the things that I had seen as flaws I begun to celebrate as my uniqueness. I am so grateful to Ashlie for the time we worked together

...and for the me that she helped me rediscover."  N.L


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