We desire love...

Until we remember we are infinite & Unconditional Love.

When the desire for love & safety is sought externally, we are destined to feel anxious & stressed. We are in a state of fear, scarcity and insecurity. 

However, we can respond to our desire for connection and belonging from an internal state of knowing we ARE UNCONDITIONALLY LOVED.


This is how we reclaim control of our lives.

This is the truth of our heart rather than our minds.

As we are leaning into what it means to feel STRONG in our own skin, our perspective changes. Living from a place of love is simply a habit of remembering that we are a worthy child of the universe who deserves freedom, abundance and joy. That the world isn't against us. That we can create our reality by choosing where we put our attention and spend our energy.

Coming from LOVE means you are strong, resilient, powerful, compassionate and courageous. When you know your worth, you have high standards for yourself and others - you are not available for negativity or abuse. You can remove yourself with ease and without drama, from a place of love.

Like any skill, this can be practiced.

We practice it every morning when we meditate.

We practice it every time we turn a trigger into a blessing.

Every time we choose to feel empowered rather than powerless.

Every time we turn a negative feedback loop into a positive one.

Every time we chose compassion over judgement.

Every time we drop into our body and the present moment.

Every time we choose to feel a high frequency emotional state such as gratitude, inspiration, connection, compassion, trust and pleasure.

Every time we change our physiological state.

Every time we bypass the suffering and choose JOY instead.

As we begin to understand that how we do one thing is how we do everything and how we treat ourselves is no different to how we treat others, we practice the art of acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, boundaries and compassion.

Unconditional love means we no longer choose to live out of memories of the past. That NOW is the only moment we can ever return to love. That by returning to love in THIS moment we are creating memories of love and a vision of the future filled with love. 

Love is the highest frequency there is. If you have any negative attachments to love, you have your wires crossed and it is time to get clear. Love is not weak or stupid or dangerous. Love is not unsafe, abuse, suffering or lonely. This is fear talking.


Love is your birthright. It is who you are when all the stories fall away. It is what connects us all. It is where you came form and where you will return. Love has a powerful vibration that is capable of healing not only our internal world but our external world as we get practiced in sending out this powerful frequency. When fear is met with love - it melts.


Happy Couple
Rock Climber

redefine success

So often we can get transfixed on there being only one way to achieve success. This limited view or tunnel vision, closes us off to opportunities, creativity and playfulness. We are not responsive or present with life as it is happening. Rather than being in the flow of life and trusting the universe has our back, we become insistent on trying to force outcomes. This closes down our energy and can become exhausting. Often what we think we want is a reflection of our old outdated programming. By coming back to love, we can re-align what 'success' means for us. This is a time to explore deeply what your ideal life looks like. What does SUCCESS mean to you, what does it feel like? What does it look like? How do you want to feel when you wake up? How do you want to feel when you to go bed at night? How do you want to spend your time? Your days? How do you want to use your creativity daily? How many other possibilities are there for you to ‘do the thing’ your heart desires- that don’t depend on ‘someone else’ offering their approval of you or giving you permission or a salary? How can you reclaim your power, NOW, today, to bring joy, freedom, love, purpose and passion closer to you- so you have it TODAY! 

For every problem there is an opportunity for a solution. This isn't about being in a constant state of fixing things. It is about being empowered to change that which needs changing and to surrender to that which is not really a problem. It's time to ask yourself honestly, is this really a problem? Is it a problem for my ego or is there a very real danger here? In the words of Louise Hay - Is it true? When we problem solve from a place of love, rather than fear, we are truly the creator of our reality.