This below worksheet is suitable after you have completed your first 1:1 with Ashlie.

Once you have completed this you can move on to the rest of Lesson 3.

It doesn't have to be complicated to be effective. Problems only exist in the mind. We spend so much of our time perpetuating a cycle of negative thoughts, rather than choosing to take a pause and come back to the moment. Now. Because you can 'breathe' you can always choose to take a breath and drop into your body. Now. Now. Now.

Feeling Safe is a choice. 

Fill out the following worksheet to anchor in what dropping into your body feels like.

Morning Routine

You decide how you want to live today!

You are at your most vulnerable the first 6 minutes after waking up. Which is why those old habits of snoozing the alarm, checking facebook or complaining about your sleep are so destructive. If you can turn your morning into a sacred time for self-care, to get grounded, set your intention and return to LOVE - you are reclaiming your power. By starting your day off in control of your energy, intention, feelings and beliefs there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Think of your morning routine as a chance to create some new habits - rituals that nurture your growth, joy, happiness and freedom.

15 minutes of Embodied Meditation is non-negotiable if you are wanting to transform your life.  As you get stronger you can increase this to 30 minutes or longer. Use the guided meditation(s) provided. Set your alarm to give yourself adequate time for this practice. Make time to come home. Find a comfortable seated position, without interruptions. Where you can have your feet flat on the floor and a space in front of you where you can move, stretch, dance.


This is where you get to sit up tall and call your soul home to your body. Move your hips, ignite your sexual energy, feel the tingling on your skin, nipples getting hard, fire up your strength and connect with all the healthy souls who have gone before. This is your chance to remember what love is and to feel the power of the universe inside you. Deep releasing embodied breaths, sitting up tall and releasing tensions. Repeat your new mantras from this embodied place of connection. 


With each mantra, allow there to be a feeling. We need to drop into our bodies, feel the sensation of being present in to the body, alive, awakened, orgasmic, like 10 shots of coffee. Tears can fall, you can shout, scream, move, or gyrate. If you're not feeling anything, you are still in your head. No judgment, just gently bring in compassion and surrender. Being embodied will become your new way of being in the world. Like any new skill, it takes practice and patience. 


Following your meditation, get up and dance. To 2-3 tracks of your choosing, that light you up. Get empowered. Get embodied. Get energised. DANCE, SING,YELL, JUMP. You are safe, you are healing and you are creating a new future from love. It's ok to cry and release the old pent up energy - I cry every day, but always from a place of love and releasing. If we fall into the trap of crying from the head and feeding off the trauma, we are not processing. So keep your intention clear. To let that shit go and come back to the truth - I am Safe.


By choosing to reconnect in this way every morning you are aligning yourself. It is as if you have your own popcorn maker inside, and you get to make your own popcorn (LOVE)! Don't depend on anything or anyone externally to make you happy or give you a feeling of significance. We must BE LOVE, DO LOVE, FEEL LOVE, HAVE LOVE internally. We share this with the world and the world gives back. It is the law of attraction. It is inevitable. Energy doesn't lie. The universe doesn't withhold. Everything is yours the moment you decide you are ready to receive it. 

Your energy is entirely within your control.

Below you will find a short Morning Meditation & a Coming Home Meditation to start your day off. Or simply use my MEDITATION PLAYLIST  full of inspiring music to be used with your own intentions and mantras.



Time to get celebrating our WINS!! I'm not talking a quiet pat on the back, I'm talking a full body owning of the person you are becoming!


If you notice your ego offering up excuses to hide such as 'I should be humble in my success, Nobody wants to hear it, It's not a real WIN, I'm a private person, I don't want everyone knowing my business, but what if I haven't really changed' - know that your ego is boring and repetitive, kick that ego back and take action from courage! 


While our mind, body and soul is catching up with the truth that you are worthy of being seen, we take radical action regardless!  You want to wait until you're ready? You already are...


I'm talking a FULL BODY celebration of the MAN YOU WERE ALWAYS MEANT TO BE & ARE RECLAIMING NOW! Take yourself through the below worksheet and let's re-programme for SUCCESS!

Soccer Match Victory