Lesson 6:


Our inbuilt survival instinct means our brains are wired for worst case scenario, we were on the look out for danger and anticipating where it might appear from. This ensured our survival as a species when our life really was in danger. 

However this attentional bias, a negative wiring of the brain, can become maladaptive. 

We no longer need to anticipate the worst. In fact this narrow focus on all the things that could go wrong is one way to ensure that we experience a steady stream of negative outcomes. 

Emotional intelligence means we can de-escalate our own emotions as well as those of others by becoming engaged, focused, and attentive to thoughts and feelings. This means we don't mindlessly allow ourselves to go down a rabbit hole, when we could catch ourselves and change course. 

As you are learning where our attention goes our energy flows. 

Our energy is a powerful tool for manifestation. Everything is energy. The moment we decide we are ready to receive love, abundance, joy and freedom, we must also start training our brain to focus on the 'best case scenario'. 

At first using our brain in this way can be met with some resistance. The ego will kick up a fuss with lots of excuses for you to not focus on the positive. It will come up with many reasons to get you to revisit the 'negative stories' you are so used to telling. 

This is just another example of the wiring for worst case scenario. However, it is entirely possible to re-wire the brain for positivity, for best case scenario, for WINNING!

The truth is, our body doesn't know the difference between a real and imagined event. It responds to the messages from the brain as if it were real. So let's start to create our experience by imagining, visualising, focusing, feeling and experiencing what we do want to welcome into our lives. With practice the brain will start to respond. We will create new neural networks and a new path of least resistance - so the brain automatically looks for the best outcome! Are you ready to change your reality?

Problems exist because we spend most of our time in our heads, disconnected from our bodies and the present moment... 

The brain functions with some fundamental flaws and biases. These 'attentional biases' are designed to maximise our chances of survival. Being wired for negativity is simply a survival mechanism gone awry. The brain is hyper-stimulated to seek out danger. Noticing anything that could be a potential threat. This is all well and good when living in a dangerous jungle full of predators - but highly unhelpful when you're just travelling to work on the tube. Below are various examples of cognitive distortions so you can understand how the mind cannot always be trusted - with exercises for you to practice reframing and retraining the brain to work in a more coherent fashion. Reprogramming our limiting beliefs, occurs on a deep sub-conscious level, but during this process it is important that we are mindful of our conscious thoughts and words. Intercepting the cycle on a thought level becomes a powerful supportive tool for change.

Children Jumping on Trampoline



Music, dancing and singing (along with various other hobbies) induce feel good hormones and feelings. This is why listening to music while you meditate, dancing while you say your mantras and singing with your heart is open are all powerful tools to help you re-programme. Do not underestimate their effect. Feeling is absolutely crucial to re-programming. We need to feel the pain to process it (tears flowing freely, rather than headache inducing sobs) and feel the love to re-programme IT DEEPLY. The more deeply and easily we can get into a self-induced state of bliss- joy, orgasmic, loving energy, the quicker we can decide on our reality. Music that activates Theta and Alpha brain wave states is helpful as are Bi-neural beats. Experiment with your meditation. The important thing is to induce the positive feelings so your nervous system takes on your desired beliefs. LIGHT YOUR OWN FIRE, EVERY DAMN DAY!


We avoid pain more than we seek pleasure- so we need to turn those pleasure receptors ON AND UP! So pleasure feels so damn GOOOOOOD - which is how it does feel when we are embodied and connected to source and unconditional love! We are strengthening our pleasure receptors. So often we complain that people don't love us the way we want to be loved or that life isn't 'giving us' what we need. This is an indication that we are not open to receiving all that is rightfully ours, all that is there for us. The universe never withHolds love. It is only us that is resistant to receiving it. Receiving pleasure is a skill that must be practiced. A muscle that must be worked out. If we want to feel more pleasurable experiences we must wire our brains to seek out and receive pleasure.

© 2020 by Ashlie Walker

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