LESSON 9: living in the light


Vulnerable Warrior Post! 

Lean into vulnerability by showing up on social media, via a public ‘Warrior’ post. This means no more hiding. You have strengthened your vulnerability muscles, truth muscles and sharing muscles, now its time to expand past the cosmos - to level up and put that ego in its place for good. By sharing with the world the work you have been doing, the responsibility you have taken, the beliefs you have broken through and by claiming your new truth and frequency you are fully embodying stepping into the light. This is radical action that you can feel really fucking proud of. This isn’t about being perfect or pleasing anyone, it's about owning your truth, celebrating your hard work and reprogramming your relationship with being seen. You will feel the wonder of vulnerability in all its glory. This is exhilarating and liberating. I'm not talking a selfie and a quote. I'm talking an honest video - claiming space, about the beliefs you have broken through & what you have learnt about yourself - WHO YOU REALLY ARE. No more hiding. You have taken responsibility and can inspire others to do the same! The leader within you is ready to step up!


Acts of Kindness! 

Now we have tapped into infinite source energy, we have energy to SHARE! That means we can be of service. This isn't about self-sacrificing (Because you know that is not love!) it is about being clear of mind and open hearted. You have love to share - how can you share it? Commit to 3 acts of kindness you are going to take this week and let’s make this part of your new paradigm. Passing it forward- because you are ABUNDANT!


Sharing the love! 

For all the commitment you have made and all the courage you have had, you have been rewarded with learnings, breakthroughs and gains of equal measure. This is the law of the universe. If you know of a determined soul out there who would benefit from these tools, strategies and support, you can refer them to The Transformation Process and they can join you on this incredible journey of self-actualisation. Simply have them mention your name when contacting me (by email or text is fine.) You will also benefit from £200 directly into your bank account for each friend you refer who signs up for1:1 coaching! Because Money is LOVE and Money is ENERGY and YOU deserve to have it all...


Help me to SERVE!

I have my own personal goals I am bringing into fruition this year (using all the same tools I have shared with you!) and this includes guiding 100 beautiful souls who have had enough of the suffering and are ready to reclaim their power and tap into the tools of transformation and manifestation! So help me to reach those who need to hear the truth, who need to learn the tools and who deserve the support. Your testimonial on my facebook page will help me to reach those who are struggling, just like you were, and give them hope and inspiration that if they show up and do the work, they too can change!! Head to my facebook page now and help me reach those souls here.

Tandem Skydive



Not everyone is willing to do this work. But you have. Once you understand that you are unconditionally loved, you have an infinite supply of love to share. That means you will feel a pull towards a higher purpose, something that extends beyond your current reach. There is no saying what this might be, but YOU are a light-worker. You have truth to share and finding a way to share it is your next calling… Once we have broken through it is inevitable we will support others do the same. Not by saving anyone, not by fixing anyone, just by being. Just by living in the light we attract others who are ready to rise up.

What next?

Brother, this support is for life. You will continually be receiving new content, tools and up-levels - as I grow, you grow! I will never withhold from you. If you continue to show up and do the work you will continue to reap the benefits. There is no end goal to our growth and evolution. There are infinite possibilities and an infinite amount of love and abundance available for us all. There will be regular group healing sessions to keep you accountable and to keep you connected with TRUTH! Make use of these opportunities. Refill in the worksheets, often- you’ll be surprised what new learnings you can take away reviewing with fresh eyes! Choose YOU. Choose Love. Choose Truth. The facebook group will continue to be a space for sharing breakthroughs and inspiring each other. This is your time to pay it forward- to really give over, by living in alignment with your new paradigm!