Lesson 2: reclaiming your power

Your reality is entirely constructed. Which means you can de-construct and re-construct.

Your happiness is entirely within YOUR CONTROL! It is time to start learning & practicing the tools to intercept your current habitual patterns so you can choose NEW ONES! We can re-wire our minds so that we EXPECT, SEEK, SEE, & RECEIVE POSITIVE EXPERIENCES AND OUTCOMES. Taking action to re-programming on a conscious level is the first step!

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The first step towards transforming our lives is by acknowledging that the habitual negative feedback loops ARE NOT WHO YOU ARE.

The more we give our attention and energy to negative patterns the more strength they have. But the less attention we give them, the less power they have over us.

By consciously choosing to intercept the negative feedback loop and by turning it into a positive one you are beginning to create THE REALITY OF YOUR CHOOSING. This simple and powerful skill will literally change your life!


The most simple way to start feeling better is to take action over the words that leave your mouth. No more mindless negative chatter, when we can choose to redirect our attention in a more positive direction.



By literally banning negative talk about self AND other, our thinking patterns will be disrupted. Don't indulge the old negative mindset. We are taking action to re-wire our brain for positivity. So this is a HUGE choice to notice the effect our words have not only on ourselves but on others. 

Empowering language includes statements such as, everything is happening perfectly, whatever happens I will cope, I am not here to control other people, what other people think of me has nothing to do with who I am, I do not need to focus on all those things outside of my control, I choose to trust in life, I am only responsible for how I SHOW UP, I am worthy of being happy amidst chaos, I do not need to control every outcome, I am expanding & growing every day, I am proud of myself for showing up to step into the highest version of myself. 

Experiment with self-talk that feels empowering and refreshing... De-awfulise your language by describing things how you would like them to be, not how your old programming would habitually describe them.



So it is time to start behaving like a KING! 

Changing your physiological state is INCREDIBLY POWERFUL - it bypasses the need for any analysis or logical understanding. 

When we slump, screw up our face, hold our head and tense up our shoulders etc. we are literally sending stress signals to our immune system, mind and emotional state... so TURN THIS AROUND until sitting like a KING becomes the norm!

Do it now: Physically change your posture, sitting up tall, shoulders back, heart space open, facing upwards slightly. Take it further by standing and putting your hands on your hips or in a V shape above your head... completely open, strong, grounded. Bring in your mantras with absolute conviction and we have a whole new physiological state. SMILE.


Go even further by putting on some music; dance, jump, shout, yell, celebrate. Your mind will feel the benefits quickly. It takes one breath to decide to do this. Do it enough and your whole nervous system will start to guide you to this new physiological state of being... your new HOME! The heart, mind and spirit will follow! No more excuses for wallowing in a low energetic state. Fire yourself UP! Upping your exercise regime mindfully, with the intention to get INTO your body and ENJOY the BURN is another way to re-direct your energy quickly!

Now we understand the profound impact  of our words and our actions time to re-wire for the positive! 


This first call to 'Action' is designed to challenge your beliefs about worthiness. We will soon become Warriors at 'BEING SEEN'. However we don't need to wait to start building that COURAGE muscle.

If you haven't done so already, post your introduction video to the facebook group. A short 2-5 minute video introducing who you are, why you have joined The Transformation Process & what you have learnt so far.  If you've posted an intro video already, share with us 3 things you are grateful for? What empowering language are you now using? What changes when you shift your physical energy and re-direct your language for the positive? When we share it takes our learning deeper into our bones!


This community of EMPOWERED SOULS will uplift, inspire and support each-other during this life-changing process. As we discover what it means to come from a place of 'UNCONDITIONAL LOVE' we will relish this opportunity to share and receive POSITIVE FEEDBACK! By commenting and supporting others, we begin to open ourselves up to being a force of good in the world.

If this feels scary, great.... fear is an opportunity for COURAGE! We don't run from fear anymore, we lean the fuck through it! That is how WE GET STRONGER!

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“Whether you think YOU CAN or YOU CAN'T,

You're RIGHT." - Henry Ford.

It is time to get clear about the beliefs that are currently creating your reality. This section brings awareness to those 'blind spots'. By becoming aware of our beliefs that are running the show, before buying into them, we can make a conscious effort to focus on what we do want to believe  - rather than everything we want to avoid.


Insight shows us we can consciously intercept what is otherwise happening automatically; we have the power to instigate change!


We can no longer be a victim of our beliefs once we have learnt to intercept them and chose to put our attention on new healthy beliefs.


So let's start identifying what sub-conscious beliefs have been holding you back from the life you deserve.

We can understand our broken beliefs as having 'crossed wires'. This is when we are actively pushing away something we desire because we have a negative belief attached to it. Our beliefs can be illogical, biased, unhelpful and destructive.


So time to get honest and do some digging! 

YOUR bedtime routine

The beginning and the end of our day play such an important part of how we live our lives. We only have a certain amount of good decisions within us each day, which is why by bedtime we can be giving into those late night food cravings or unhelpful habits - our willpower is lower! To mitigate this, we want to start creating a beautiful routine that you don't have to think about. That just becomes second nature. That leaves you ready for a restful nights sleep so we can wake up refreshed and excited about the day ahead. Here are a few suggestions to start you off. 

Go to bed at the same time. Our body clocks like routine. So if we're having trouble falling to sleep, we can commence sleep training. Where we simply condition the body to react to cues that it is winding down and ready for sleep. These can include some gentle Yin Yoga, a bedtime drink, reading and a self-care ritual.

My personal favourite is writing a gratitude journal. Write down or mentally recount 3 things you are grateful for from the day. If you have a partner you can talk this through together in bed. These can be simple or they can be big. The intention is to allow your self to wholeheartedly connect with these feelings of gratitude - opening your heart and surrendering your body to feel the tingles of love. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. We are starting to train your mind, body & soul to seek and receive 'the good'. We can also think about 2-3 things we are looking forward to the next day, however big or small. Every day we can decide to do things that make us feel good or help us to grow. This choice will become second nature. Until then we commit to asking the right questions. What am I grateful for? What pleasures do I look forward to tomorrow?

Limit screen usage for at least 1 hour before bed. Ideally 2 hours. Keep you phone in another room or if you are listening to your meditations/ hypnosis, put it in aeroplane mode or install an app that limits use past 10pm. These can be helpful to disrupt that mindless urge to scroll social media or new sites, when your mind is wanting to slow down. 

Now is a good time to review & take ownership of your relationship with social media. EMPOWERED & MINDFUL usage to connect, support, grow and learn is a wonderful thing. Social Media can also be used as a distraction and lower our frequency. Your INTENTION IS EVERYTHING. Just as food can be a pleasure or a punishment, so can social media. But here are some tips to get you started: No phone first thing in the morning or last thing at night (put it in a separate room), mindless scrolling to kill time will soon become a thing of the past as you learn how to better use your time and energy. Set limits on your phone usage and time frames so for example, 1 hour per day. Unfollow/ Unfriend anything but the most inspiring and uplifting people, groups. We can't work hard to clear out our internal world and then top it back up with external trash!

Avoiding caffeine after midday is a must if you're having trouble sleeping. Give your body the break it needs to rid itself of stimulants. 

Read an inspiring self-development book or fiction. I find my mind has such clarity when i sleep that if i surrender to a philosophy or idea raised in a self development book, as I fall asleep I can wake up with clarity around it's meaning, taking the information further into my bones.

Here is a gentle Hypnosis track to ease you into sleep that includes some mantras to seep into your sub-conscious mind. So you can wake up more aligned with the person you are becoming. 

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