Women Holding Hands

The Liberation Retreat

A Truly Expansive and Inspiring Women's Retreat in the Heart of Dorset.

Monday 3rd  - Thursday 6th October 2022, Merkabah, Dorset

Over 4 days, 3 nights, You will be held in a safe space that will invite in deep healing, connection and liberation. 


The retreat is designed to create maximum impact, to inspire real internal shifts in your state of being and equip you with practical tools to move forward with clarity and conviction. As we settle into autumnal vibes, our focus will be on releasing what is no longer serving us. And igniting a new sense of inspiration for the future.


The nature of this retreat is one of Transformation.

A holistic & Integrative retreat like no other...

Where you can fully come home to yourself.

Weaving together a beautiful myriad of healing modalities, born from spirit and rooted in science… this retreat is the perfect space to clear the pathway and welcome in more of what you desire.


Amidst the deep healing work there will also be an array of practical coaching sessions designed to give structure and direction to your plans.


The retreat will allow time for deep healing, bonding with your sisters, rejuvenation, fun and will importantly bring about clarity as you gain deeper insight into what it is you want to invite into your life.


You will leave feeling nourished from the inside out. Expanded. Re-inspired. 

Being Mum...

Every woman I have ever coached starts with an excuse as to why she can't be happy. For me, having a child was one of my main excuses for why I had to suffer.... I had my wires crossed. I thought LOVE meant self-sacrifice. Because I have a child I don't have the time, the money, the energy... blah blah blah. All excuses to keep me in my suffering. My excuse to fail, soon became my reason to succeed. Having those big brown eyes looking up at me was a powerful motivator to break the cycle of suffering. Now, my number one priority is my own personal well-being, health and growth. It is because of this I am able to share so freely. It wasn't always like this. BUT NOW I KNOW HOW- I can never go back to being burnt out, overwhelmed and stressed! 

If you are fighting for your suffering, I cannot help you. If you're wanting someone to do the work for you, I cannot help you. We're talking an ongoing commitment to self- awareness & development, which requires courage, showing up, honesty, time and homework. I work with those who are committed to change and willing to learn (and unlearn) what is holding them back. Your ambition and determination are powerful forces for change when directed in the right way!


Catered for...

A delicious vegan and vegetarian cuisine inspired by Middle Eastern and Asian flavours prepared lovingly by our retreat Chef, Nas is fully included. 
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Being Alone...


Camp Fire


The retreat begins at 2.30 pm on Monday 3rd October and finishes at 12 pm on Thursday 6th October.


Monday -  Welcome Circle & Cacao Ceremony - Group Session - Dinner

- Meditation


Tuesday - Yoga - Breakfast - Healing Session - Lunch - Coaching Session - Dinner - Yoga


Wednesday - Yoga - Breakfast - Healing Session - Lunch - Coaching Session - Dinner - Sound Bath


Thursday - Breakfast - Healing Session - Closing Circle

Being Human...

I don’t believe we need to suffer to be human. I believe it is through our healing that we are able to get truly creative and shine a light for others on how life can be. My coaching allows you to explore your spiritual connection and human desires- for it is not selfish to want abundance, joy and freedom! Setting ourselves free is the most unselfish thing we can do for humanity. In our rising, we pave the way for others. Being successful and spiritual are not mutually exclusive! Being ambitious and kind are not mutually exclusive! You just need to learn HOW.

I have experienced the debilitating effects of overwhelm, burn out, stress, panic attacks & auto-immune disease (to name just a few) and I know first hand how lonely it can feel... BUT it is entirely possible to reclaim your power even when you feel at your most powerless... In fact it is often at our darkest times that we are willing to surrender to a new way of being. I am a Coach, yes, but I am also a human being and I have lived through dark times. I'm not here as a symbol of the perfect person. I have experienced trauma and felt suffering to the depths of my soul. It is because of this, I know what is possible. I KNOW you can turn things around the moment you decide you are ready. Are you READY?